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Welcome to Salescaster Displays Corporation

Founded in 1950 by a World War II veteran, Salescaster pioneered the design and development of indoor moving message display systems. We manufactured these early visual communication displays and broadened our products by introducing one of the first LED Electronic Programmable Displays in 1980. Today, we offer a complete line of Indoor LED Message Displays, Industrial LED Displays, ANDON Display boards, TAKT Production Counters and our branded Outdoor STARFIRE LED Signs.


Dynamic School Displays

Instant Campus Wide Messaging!

STARFIRE high-resolution 16mm and 21mm Outdoor LED Message Centers feature a 4" cabinet depth, protective polycarbonate face, wireless connectivity and intuitive network software. This series offers the flexibility of 1 to 6 lines of messages, and features a scalable character size of 6 inches to 40 inches. Custom fabricated to your size!

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Outdoor LED Time and Temperature Signs

Enhance your existing signage and time stamp your business location with a Salescaster Time & Temperature Sign. Custom cabinet sizes available for either front or rear serviceable units with an industry leading 4 inch cabinet depth. Ideal alternative for bank conversion projects that need to switch from older, costly inefficient incandescent bulb technology!

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ANDON Boards

Salescaster ANDON boards are offered in 2.1" up to 6.0" characters with flexible 1 to 10 line messages. Set-up to display up to 50 stations with 3 colors of red, green and amber. Cells can be triggered with wet or dry contact closures or mapped to serial data sequences delivering immediate real-time data updates. Custom program sequencing and templates included.

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