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Salescaster LED Sign Fire Station Applications

Use event triggers from your Fire Control Panel to activate emergency messages on
NFPA recognized Alpha LED Displays!

Fire Panel to Display Brochure

Salescaster LED Display communication networks enhances and improves Fire station wide communication systems.

Salescaster Displays Corporation specializes in alerting systems including integration with existing PA systems.  Use event triggers from your Fire Control Panel to activate emergency messages on NFPA recognized LED Displays.  Salescaster provides interfacing to display non-emergency information (training, road closures, meetings) on LED displays throughout the fire station. Our flexible Salescaster LED Signs can be mounted throughout the station (i.e. hallways and engine rooms) to display both emergency and non-emergency information. 

System Features and Benefits

  • Notification system supports integration with leading Fire Control Panel manufacturers
  • Provides Real-Time, Distributed Visual Notification of critical Alarms, while functioning as a Day/Date/Time display network during non-critical times
  • Supports integration with leading fire control panel manufacturers and network-based emergency notification providers through open communications protocol
  • Pre-programed, first responder and priority messaging .
  • Scrolling and flashing text available.
  • Messaging dispatched by groups or zones
  • Reliable and energy-efficient.
  • High-visibility technology that achieves readability at distances up to 150 feet
  • Displays date, time, weather, and other general messages during non-critical situations
  • Includes support for secure encrypted network protocol
  • Mass Notification Displays are UL Listed and NFPA recognized as Visual Notification Appliances to specify with confidence.
  • Alpha Callisto Unit connected Fire Panel to a Network of up to 255 Mass Notification Displays with Serial Link.
  • Includes support for secure encrypted network protocol.
  • Rated UL1638, NFPA72, FCC Class A.

Contact a Salescaster representative 800 346-4474 today to learn how easy it is to use the power of Salescaster LED Message Fire Station Displays to your advantage.