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Mass Notification System Integration

Our Unified Communication System offers internal and external full color LED Displays with flexible architecture.  Full Color LED Displays can be integrated with a variety of emergency notification and life safety platforms.  This includes Emergency Communication Systems (ECS), Mass Notification Systems (MNS) and network-centric, crisis communication platforms. The instant an emergency or crisis event is triggered preprogrammed, targeted messages are sent to the display. The Salescaster Mass Notification System is also capable of send first-responder and custom follow-up messages.  Brochure Alpha MNS Series 4000 RGB 24V OR PoE Extended Lengths


► Supports integration with leading fire control panel manufacturers and network-based emergency notification providers through open communications protocol.
► Pre-programed, first responder and priority messaging
► Scrolling and flashing text
► Messaging by groups or zones
► Reliable and energy efficient
► High visibility and readability out to 150 feet (50 Meters)+
► Display date, time, weather and other general messages during non-critical situations
► Support for secure encrypted network protocol
► Rated UL 1638, NFPA72, FCC Class A