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Superior Easy-to-Use Interface
Alpha’s protocol document allows you to be in complete control of your ALPHA electronic message display. The protocol document allows your ALPHA sign to communicate directly with cash registers, point-of-purchase displays, programmable logic controls, your desktop PC, or almost any device with a serial port. Post real-time information, boost morale, advertise at the point-of-purchase, all from your own software application.


  • ► Set and display time and date.
  • ► Create message text, message run period (time/day of week), and sequence of multiple messages.
  • ► Control text presentation: Character color, font (height, width, style) flash status, presentation style and effect.
  • ► Able to request sign status.
  • ► Supports transmissions using “Standard ASCII” or “printable characters only.
  • ► Allows user to have a network of displays via serial addressing, modems, wireless, and Local Area Network.
  • ► Enables use of graphics and animations in popular formats.
  • ► Contains a counter feature to display minutes, hours or days to an event.
  • ► Supports international characters.
  • ► Ability to send messages to individual or groups of signs.
  • ► Simple summation can be used to validate transmission packets.
  • ► Open Software Protocol
  • ► Use your own development platform where messages can be scheduled to run based on time of day and sequenced in any order based on the day of the week. You can insert strings, variables and counters.



Applications – Alarm Controls and Triggered Messages

  • ► User defined alarm messages will override screen templates.
  • ► Alarms will que in sequence.
  • ► Alarms acknowledged individually or globally.
  • ► Alarms can be acknowledged by setting the value of a tag in HMI software.
  • ► The system can be configured to automatically acknowledge alarms as they return to normal, without operator intervention.


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