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TAKT TIME can be defined as the maximum time allowed to produce a product in order to meet demand. It is derived from the German word Taktzeit which translates to clock cycle. There is a logic therefore to setting the pace of production flow to this TAKT time. Product flow is expected to fall within a pace that is less than or equal to the TAKT time. In a lean manufacturing environment, the pace time is set equal to the TAKT time.

TAKT Time Production Counters combine the function of a timer and production counter with three displays:

ACTUAL – Actual count of products controlled by manual switch box, manual wireless remote or IR sensor
TAKT TIME – Count down timer to set production pace
GOAL – Goal count goes up by one when TAKT timer reaches zero

With this three-in-one product, keep track of production or inventory count, monitor the time between production, and compare them to the company’s targeted goals. Use the Takt Timer to establish a “rhythm” and set a pace. When production is unable to match this pace, management can easily identify the source of the bottleneck.  TAKT time production counters provide a real-time feedback system. Essential for lean manufacturing.


  • Actual Count Up/Down by increment of one with switchbox or switchplate.
    Set TAKT time or pace with wireless remote.
    Goal display automatically counts up by one at zero.
    ► Easy switch between 2-digits or 4-digits counting.
    Single line bright red 4″ height digit display (2.5″ and 7″ models available).
    Sturdy anodized aluminum frame for indoor industrial use.
    Lithium battery backup to save data in case of power outage.
    System capable to sync with relays or other production counter displays.
    Add photoelectric diffuse or proximity sensors for faster counting.
    Add flashing lights or audible buzzer alarm.
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Photoelectric IR Sensor – Typically installed in industrial plants ranging from food and beverage, textiles, ceramics and brick production, through to logistics. This photoelectric sensor has high reliability and enhanced performance includes through-beam, retro-reflective and diffuse reflective types in straight and radial versions. Straight versions are also available with background-suppression, limited-reflective detection, and transparent object detection types for special applications. All models are available in plastic and metal housing.

Proximity Sensors – Available in models using High-frequency oscillation to detect ferrous and non-ferrous metal objects and in capacitive models to detect non-metal objects. Models are available with environment resistance, heat resistance, resistance to chemicals, and resistance to water. Applications includes: Detects lead frames, aluminum caps, componenets, machine movement, cylinder positioning.

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