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Big Dot 8-Color LED Display

The Big Dot is exclusively designed for high-visibility indoor use. This quality display can be read from a distance of 15 to more than 150 feet away due to its large diameter LED 4-inch characters and superbrite tri-color LEDs. The larger character height allows for ideal visibility in retail window / storefront applications.

Big Dot Full Matrix, (Case 49.0″ x 4.25″ x 6.25″) 8-colors plus Rainbow

Messages are entered through a remote control keyboard or from a PC using AlphaNET or ActiveX Software. All signs can be networked and connected to a computer via RS232, RS485 or Ethernet to form an effective integrated visual information system.

Big Dot Brochure        Big Dot Specifications


•  SUPERBRITE LED – 3 brilliant colors & 3 rainbow effects.
•  PRESENTATION MODES – 26 Presentation Modes.
•  MESSAGE SCHEDULING – Store, schedule and display over 80 messages.
•  INPUT – Wireless Remote Control, PC Software or Protocol
•  NETWORKABLE – RS232, Multi-drop RS485 and Ethernet.
•  VISUAL DESIGN RENDERING – Send us pictures of your applications and we will suggest affordable solutions for your visual communication needs.


Big Dot Sign Technical Specifications

Case Dimensions: 49.0 L x 6.3″ H x 4.3″ D
Display Area 45.6″ L x 4.0″ H
Display Weight 12.2 lbs.
LED Pitch: 0.57″
Character Size: 4.0 inch
Viewing Distance: 10 to 200 feet
Display Array: 7 Rows x 80 Columns of LEDs
Characters per Line: 14 typical, 27 condensed rotate
Display Memory: 28,000 characters
Networking: RS232/RS485 or Ethernet


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