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The original Salescaster® Model 30 circa 1950

SALESCASTER® HAS ENTERED OUR 74th YEAR!  We have been in the visual information display business since 1950.
We invented the original indoor moving message displays and have designed and manufactured electronic LED programmable displays since 1977. Today we offer message display systems of the highest quality manufactured in North America at competitive prices. Our core business values and specialized experience focus on customer service and consultation.

EXPERIENCE – With Salescaster® you benefit from our solid experience dated back to 1950. Specializing exclusively in the LED sign industry, we are trained to listen carefully to the needs of our customers. We are a solid choice for your sign application. In fact our strength today is the direct result of our history and fundamental core values.

INTEGRATION – We provide a fully integrated solution with our Outdoor signs and Industrial ANDON Boards assuring a seamless upgrade path as new technologies emerge.

SOFTWARE USABILITY – Completely up to date with the ever changing software standards, we recognize that the software interface is our ‘face’ to you. We devote our efforts to continuously design intuitive and easy to use programs. With our Computer Based Training (CBT) program you’ll see your downtime reduced when employee are reassigned to new projects.

COMPATIBILITY – Run your HMI or SCADA applications right on the our Industrial displays without the need for complicated ‘front end code’ so the entire shop floor can see the same screen, at the same time. Just resize your screen to match the display size of the Andon Board parameters!

VERSATILITY – Our Indoor and Outdoor LED signs are offered in a variety sizes, cabinetry and configurations. We bring to market over 500 sizes ensuring our customers choice of display height, display length. Our 5-Year Outdoor LED Warranty Plan is second to none.

RELIABILITY – Designed for continuous use, our signs are manufactured in North America and our Quality and Assurance program provides you with the highest durability.

UPGRADE PATH – We are always improving our sign firmware and control software to ensure that our systems can grow as your systems expand, reducing obsolesce.

VISUAL DESIGN RENDERING – Send us pictures and videos of your applications and we will suggest affordable solutions for your visual communication need.