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The BetaBrite® Electronic Message Display gets your message across faster and better than ever before. Designed for top visibility at a 100 ft. distance, our displays are brighter and sharper than the competition.  With manufacturing, testing and repair under one roof, ensures quality, consistency and customer service you can count on.  Advertise your specials, announce upcoming events, welcome customers & guests, promote safety awareness, and recognize employees.

Messages are entered through a remote control keyboard or from a PC with Messaging Software. All signs can be networked and connected to a computer via RS232 or optional Ethernet to form an effective integrated visual information system.


•  SUPERBRITE LED – 8 brilliant colors & 3 rainbow effects.
•  PRESENTATION MODES – 26 Presentation Modes.
•  MESSAGE SCHEDULING – Store, schedule and display over 80 messages.
•  INPUT – Wireless Remote Control, PC Software or Protocol
•  NETWORKABLE – RS232 & Ethernet.
•  VISUAL DESIGN RENDERING – Send us pictures of your application and we will suggest affordable solutions for your visual communication needs.


BetaBrite Sign Technical Specifications

Case Dimensions 25.8″ L x 3.8″ H x H 2.0″ D
Display Dimensions 24.0″ L x 2.1″ H
Display Weight 4.7 lbs.
Display Array 7 Rows x 80 Columns of LEDs
Pixel LED Color 8 Super-bright colors and 3 rainbow effects
Display Memory 30,000 Characters
Networking IR Keyboard / RS232 / Optional Ethernet


We are experienced in helping customers define your needs and refine your ideas. We also understand that every business has unique needs and priorities. Call 800 346-4474 for a fresh approach to Dynamic Visual Communication.