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Banks, S&Ls, credit unions and brokerage houses benefit from the power of LEDs to advertise and draw attention to their business every day.

Salescaster’s Digital LED Displays

  • ► Draw attention and attract new customers from the branch to the corporate level, from the street to the lobby.
  • ► Advertise new investment products, savings accounts, and checking promotions.
  • ► Run stock / financial data with live, scrolling tickers.
  • ► Promote current interest rates.
  • ► Run “help wanted” ads for extra seasonal or holiday employees.
  • ► Broadcast community involvement and local activity sponsorship.
  • ► Display Time and Temperature – make your sign a local landmark that people look to every day!

Our intuitive software also helps you get your message out and about. Easily create and manage a complete network advertising messaging and add new excitement and traffic for your business.

LED Displays Communicate with Visual Impact:

  • ► Light, color and motion demand attention and produce results.
  • ► There is no more effective or cost-effective ad medium available today.
  • ► Improve your on-premise traffic by influencing impulse purchases
  • ► Upsell other products and services to in-store customers

Potential customers are driving by your business every day – how do you effectively influence their buying habits? Replace, augment or eliminate traditional forms of costly print or broadcast advertising with instantly recognizable on-premise electronic marketing.

Contact Salescaster today to learn how easy it is to use the power of Digital LED displays to your advantage.


  • ► GREEN TECHNOLOGY – LED technology uses 95 percent less energy than other light sources
  • ► ENERGY EFFICIENT – Energy smart LED technology uses minimal energy.
  • ► FLEXIBLE – Many modular sizes from 1.5′ tall x 5′ long to 14′ x 46′ long.
  • ► POWERFUL – Visible from several hundred to over 3000 feet with our large diameter LED pixels.
  • ► EFFICIENT – Energy Smart Technology is affordable, reliable and energy efficient.
  • ► DYNAMIC – At a moment’s notice, brilliant advertising messages and graphics attract the attention of your drive-by audiences.
  • ► ECONOMICAL – A single investment in LED advertising displays will help you to eliminate reoccurring expenditures on traditional advertising methods that can never really be measured.
  • ► PROFITABLE – Create new sales and profits as no other advertising medium can by stimulating and increasing daily impulse purchases.

VISUAL DESIGN RENDERING – Send us pictures of your application and we will suggest affordable solutions for your visual communication need. We are experienced in helping customers define your needs and refine your ideas. We also understand that every business has unique needs and priorities. Call 800 346-4474 for a fresh approach to Dynamic Visual Communication.