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Commercial LED Displays

The most effective way to impact your daily drive-by customers.

Increase your exposure to the Buying Public! – Don’t let another customer drive by without reaching them with your messages!

SALESCASTER LED Displays – The most effective way to impact your daily drive-by customers. Discover how the power of LED electronic message centers (EMCs) can increase your bottom line:
Increase your sales by 15% to over 50% on daily advertised items.
Increase your profits for years to come with a one-time investment that generates a fast ROI.
Eliminate wasted ad dollars for; yellow pages, direct mail, TV, radio, etc.
Obtain the lowest CPM of any advertising medium available today.
Give your business a professional image and become a recognized community icon.
PC software editor with time of day scheduling & display emulator create the perfect out-of-home advertising solution for your Digital LED Display.
Flexible leasing programs and fast equipment depreciation programs make owning an LED Electronic Message Center even easier!


Salescaster Outdoor LED Electronic Sign Selection Guide
What type of Sign should I choose? Perhaps the most important criteria is the speed of traffic and the size of the characters. Below is a handy chart to help you determine which display is right for your application.

NOTE: MRLD (Minimum Required Legibility Distance) is the minimum distance required for a sign to be readable. This is based on the Legibility Index (LI). In this table an LI=30 is used. This means that for each 1-in of character height, a sign can be read up to 30-ft. For example, with LI=30, a 10-in character is readable up to 300-ft (30 x 10). Until recently, the LI=30 is based on someone with 20/40 vision.


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