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MTVMA 2000

Salescaster LED Displays Arise as Bright Beacon in the 2000 MTV Music Video Awards

New York City, NY — September 7, 2000. The now empty Radio City Music Hall was lightened up by the recently held live “MTV Video Awards,” which featured a stunning LED and video backdrop for the presenters of the “MTV Video of the Year.”

Exactly how the 15 Adaptive ALPHA 330C displays (along with ALPHA Net plus software) were to be used within the production was a guarded mystery right up until the time the show opened, with a vibrant and verbally-engaging performance provided by Marlin Wayans.

The approximately 15-foot structure was comprised of 5 sets of joined 330Cs. With clever vertical mounting, it allowed the massive “stalks” of networked signs to tower and sway upwards to an imaginary “point of no return.” Each displayed, at timed intervals, the category of award being presented, showing how perfectly suited Adaptive’s electronic LED displays were. The clarity, readability and brilliance of text and images displayed on LEDs are starting new and unique creative directions in the production of high-profile entertainment, advertising and sporting events worldwide.

Halfway through the music event, a surprised crew and audience were witness to a slightly off-key fellow musician, having climbed the structure, seeking his own 15-minutes of fame. Luckily on standby, a flurry of stagehands dashed to steady the structure, while attempting to pry out the perpetrator. The LED tower was left undisturbed. He was later arrested and taken away.

Mounted and centered amidst the LED tower, were 8 modular LED video wall units. The crisp, quick-moving LED backdrop required the high-resolution, ultra-bright output of LED technology, as it mirrored the original music video being presented.

The audience, filled with the some of the world’s most influencial entertainers, recording executives, talent agents and performers, were captivated by both the entertainment AND the brilliant supporting role played by Salescaster!